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Company: CristinaLopez

Founded: 2016

Partnered: 2022


🔸 Sales Funnel
🔸 Website Redesign
The Client
Cristina Lopez is a venture advisor, executive and performance coach specialised in integral medicine and neuro linguistic programming. Her business targets early-stage founders and c-level executives.
The Goal
Cristina wanted to refine her program offers and to introduce a sales funnel system to understand more about her online community to generate more traffic and revenue

The Outcome


Cristina had 3 core programs for 3 different audiences so we developed her homepage in a way where the user was able to pick their own path based on which program they resonated with most. Each path led to a landing page which took the reader on a journey of not only what they’re experiencing but how Cristina Lopez was the solution to their problems. This also allowed us to map out 3 effective sales funnels – each corresponding to its relevant program / landing page. Unique.


Using her Transcend program as an example. We took a deep dive into the language, livelihood and characteristics of her ideal client and structured the landing pages in a manner where the reader would be taken on a unique journey. By telling a story that evokes deeper pains and allows the reader to feel heard. It was vital the copy and structure of the pages symbolise the Cristina Lopez brand. A premium feel for a premium coach.

The Journey of Belief

The Journey(s) of Belief are carefully mapped out and built funnels for her programs with each one distinguishing from the next depending on the ideal client and landing page. It takes her audience on a journey to bring hope in finding a version of themselves they’ve been seeking but are struggling to attain. To be able to Awaken, Elevate and / or Transcend.

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