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Company: Kodori

Founded: 2010

Partnered: 2022


🔸 Website Redesign
The Client
Kodori AG is a private investment company fully owned by a family office in Zug, Switzerland. They work with passionate founders and investors to help change the future of medicine and personal wellness. They have continuously invested within the realms of cybersecurity, real estate, consumer goods, medical treatments, and health-tech.
The Goal
Kodori approached us with the goal of recreating their current website which needed to be revamped into something more sleek and modern whilst retaining a professional image

The Outcome


Kodori made it clear they wanted a minimal but professional design. A website where their partners can navigate it with minimal friction and without endless scrolling. The homepage was designed to fit everything required into a single screen size. Nothing more, nothing less. This increases efficiency and allows minimal hassle when navigating.

Kodori Ventures

One of the more critical pages we focused on during the rebuild was the Ventures page. This part of the redesign held significant importance because it showcased not just the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’. Again, we structured the page so there wasn’t endless scrolling but it provided all the necesarry information to help the relevant parties find what they’re looking for.

Portfolio Design

In line with Kodori’s minimalistic framework, we opted to showcase their portfolio by using pop ups. This allows the reader to digest the information without having to leave the page / click unnecessary extra links. Simple and sleek.

Kodori AG

Kodori AG page (aka About) is a brief summary of who Kodori are and how they operate.

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